Within hours after the 2009 Italian earthquake, thousands of relief organizations began transferring to and around the central Italy city of L’Aquila. The National Guard, Fire brigade, and Red Cross began working around the clock. Numerous volunteers of many nationalities worked together with a single goal – to do all that they could to assist emergency services. What began as a small group of philosophically driven chiropractors that wanted to help in some way, grew to become an official collaboration between Italy's National Red Cross Society and Italy's National Chiropractic Association (AIC).

Since 2010, CAT has an ongoing contract of collaboration with the Italian Red Cross National Society, giving our organization permission to create chiropractic clinics inside Red Cross facilities and collaborate in disaster relief projects whenever necessary. In 2012, CAT once again completed a succesfull project with the ITALIAN RED CROSS in response to the double earthquake event that damaged Italy's central region of EMILIA ROMAGNA. 
CAT is the only international non-profit public benefit corporation serving the needs of first - responders and volunteers of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in different parts of the world. 
  •       Our organization partners with many Red Cross organizations across the globe to plan, develop, and execute social action projects that involve pro bono chiropractic services.  
  • Everyday we are acting on our commitment to bring CHIROPRACTIC health care services worldwide.
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