"I've got hands full of energy and a heart full of unconditional love to serve people through Chiropractic care. 
I would like to give adjustments to humanitarian efforts with CAT, not for prestige, not for an award to put in my office, but to fullfill one of my dreams- to move the world through humanitarian chiropractic care."    
                                     Dr. Alexandre Leduc, D.C.

"With CAT I was able to discover other chiropractors and learn from them and their passion for Chiropractic.  But overall, I've discovered what it means to offer Unconditional Love through Chiropractic Care."                 
Dr. Martina Gambacciani, D.C.

"I think CAT volunteers often feel most happy and fulfilled when they are doing what they love, when they are operating at that sweet spot where their passions, gifts and well-being intersect, where they are able to give the world the best of themselves and really enjoy the fruits of giving. My enormous humanitarian spirit didn't come from reading a book, and it wasn't the result of being forced into it or fear based. It came from my sense of abundance - that there was enough time for me to do great work, to see my gifts realized. And most fundamentally, it came straight from the center of me, radiating out as the chance to do what I love to do most deeply: help others. During CAT's inaugeral project I was given the gift of time and space, a place away from the drudgery of my everyday practice, to really focus on humanity. And being in that space, having the luxury of total focus, I realized that a pivotal moment in my career had occurred.
Dr. Jennifer Lovern, D.C. 
President/CEO of Chiropractic Action Team, Inc


CAT's mission is to inspire, educate, and equip doctors to use the power of chiropractic care to create a more healthy and environmentally sustainable world. 

Spanning 3 continents, our membership makes up one of the most influential networks of chiropractic professionals and students in existence today.

Our organization is leading the way in disaster relief interventions for the Chiropractic profession through partnerships with the International Red Cross and their National Societies.   
CAT helps mobilize doctors of Chiropractic in times of disaster to                                                                        where they are needed most
The Chiro Action Impact network includes more than 3 volunteerled chapters in cities throughout the world with our home office in Coronado, California. 

We are a charity organization and rely on donations and our members to keep this web site and our organization thriving

Please consider joining our humanitarian movement and becoming a sustaining member. 
Chiro Action members are emerging leaders in humanitarian healthcare, nonprofit management, international health development, and emergency care sustainability who are actively improving the world. 
"When you become detached mentally from yourself and you concentrate on helping other people with their difficulties, you will be able to cope with your own more effectively. Somehow, the act of self - giving is a personal power-releasing factor." 
Norman Vincent Peale
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