Helping Communities in Times of Crisis
La Chiropratica e La Croce Rossa
There are people that during the humanitarian disasters work in the shadows, distant from the lights of the media and video cameras. Men and women that, through it their precious and qualified work, help those participate in the relief effort to be in 100% of their physical shape. A work that takes place behind the curtain, but of enormous importance, is that which the Chiropractic Action Team develops in the humanitarian theaters of emergencies and natural disasters.

It happened on the occasions of the earthquake in central Italy of 2009 and in Northern Italy in 2012, when hundreds of operatives of the Italian Red Cross and national firefighters dedicated to serving in the relief effort and helped to the traumatized population, benefited of adjustments from the doctors of chiropractic on their bodies. The Italian Red Cross described the treatments as “fundamental to restore their psycho - physical balance and to allow the rescuers of to be more efficient for more hours of their day''. 

''I was able to test directly, like our other volunteers, the benefits being derived from the treatment during my mission for the earthquake during the summer of 2009, experiencing a large psycho - physical benefit."  noted Mr. Alberto Bruno, Provincial President of the Milan Red Cross -"and I wanted immediately to adhere to the national project between our national Red Cross association CRI and CAT, offering our operating provincial base, as a seat of experimentation, because I am convinced that, also in a different situation from the earthquake, the volunteers and operatives of the Red Cross will draw a benefit from the work of the chiropractors." 
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Disaster is inevitable, but suffering is optional
Chiropractic Action Team supports the international humanitarian aid community 
by donating chiropractic services. 

CAT's Disaster Response Services are dedicated to providing quick, efficient and compassionate chiropractic care and humanitarian relief during disaster recovery operations to help those who constantly help others.
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